About us


SmartVet develops, manufactures, commercializes and markets veterinary medicines and vaccines. We improve the productivity of livestock by using our proprietary delivery platforms to optimize the application of our specialized veterinary therapeutics, thereby helping to increase global protein production.

Unlike companion animals such as cats and dogs, livestock poses a unique drug delivery challenge:

"How do you get the product onto the animal at the time it will be most effective?"

To unlock the potential of its formulation expertise, SmartVet had to find a better way to deliver medications to livestock. An innovative new delivery platform to apply medications to cattle without needing to handle them was developed - The VetGun Delivery System.

The VetGun Delivery System uses a precision-engineered CO2-powered VetGun that projects a precise new dosage form called a VetCap, a balistic gelatin capsule. Fired from a safe distance of 15-30ft, the VetCap fragments upon impact, and then goes to work immediately in a similar way to traditional pour-ons. (read more)

Optimizing both the delivery process and the timing of treatment, reduces the impact of parasites and other diseases. This not only leads to major savings in time; labor and money but also reduces stress for both animal and producer.

SmartVet’s technologies can substantially increase output of livestock production systems worldwide.

SmartVet’s Transdermal Vaccine Projects are aimed at expanding the use of its versatile remote delivery technologies into the field of vaccines. The focus of current research efforts are in the field of infectious diseases, particularly Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). (read more)

The Ballistic Bait System is another patent protected SmartVet innovation. It uses elements of SmartVet’s proven VetGun system to distribute baited capsules containing oral vaccines. The Ballistic Baits are coated with scent and flavorings to encourage location and uptake by the target species. (read more)

Executive Management Team & Advisory Board: SmartVet has gone to great lengths to secure some of the most highly qualified team members in the Animal HealthCare Industry. 

Huvepharma Partnership: Huvepharma Leveraging the success of a 2013 market test, SmartVet USA,Inc. and then AgriLabs,Ltd (now Huvepharma) have formed a long-term partnership to launch the first-ever VetGun™ delivery system to effectively treat horn flies and lice in cattle (Feb 2014).

One of the fastest growing animal health companies in the world, Huvepharma has over 50 years of experience in creating and manufacturing top-quality animal health and nutrition products.

“The energy surrounding this new technology platform is exciting to cattle producers,” said Steve Schram, President and CEO of AgriLabs. “Seldom in our company’s history have we made such a significant investment of capital and human resources to bring a new product to market,” Schram continued. “After three years of collaborative development with SmartVet, we are fully committed to this revolutionary new remote delivery platform and development of additional products based around ease of use, and precise dosing.”

Under the terms of their new long-term agreement, AgriLabs/Huvepharma will have exclusive distribution rights to the VetGun and AiM-L™ VetCaps throughout the U.S.

Investment Banks get to know SmartVet, and report their findings:  On Thursday June 19, 2014, SmartVet hosted a number of Investment Bank delegates to an insightful; informative and educational industry Beef101 Day in the heart of U.S. cattle country. The morning was spent at SmartVet's Olathe Kansas headoffice listening to leading industry experts - an overview of the Beef Cattle Production Industry; how it operates; animal health-care; parasite management; and economic sustainability with China gearing up to become one of the leading importers of the world's beef supply. Thereafter delegates boarded a bus and were taken on a tour of a professionally operated Kansas Cattle Ranch. Several, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Guggenheim, generated insightful SmartVet and Industry Reports following the information day (click here for more info and copies of these reports)